Types of Cloth Diapers

options are a great thing

Flat Cloth Diaper

A flat cloth diaper is a simple flat sheet of cloth generally sized around 27″ x 27″. You can custom fold this diaper many different ways around your child. Flats can sometimes be purchased in different size ranges and they come in cotton, bamboo, hemp, or a combination.
*Affordable, cheapest diapering system!
*They fit multiple sized babies.
*They last virtually forever!
*Best cloth diapers for handwashing!
*They dry super fast and don’t hold onto odors.
*Waterproof covers, closures, and diaper fasteners are not included.
*This diaper requires A LOT of folding.
$1 – $2.50 Each
Prefold Cloth Diaper

A prefold cloth diaper is a smaller version of the flat cloth diaper. It is more absorbent in the center and a little thicker all around. You can purchase these in different size ranges. They normally come in cotton, bamboo, or a hemp blend.

*Affordable, easiest on the wallet.
*They have multi-uses like burp cloths and cleaning rags.
*They are easier to use than a flat. (less folding)
*They fit different sized babies well.
*They wash and dry well and don’t tend to hold in odors.
*Durable, prefolds will last a long time.

*Waterproof covers, closures, and diaper fasteners are not included.
*This diaper requires some folding.
$1 – $2.50 Each

Fitted Cloth Diaper

A fitted cloth diaper is a step up from a prefold or contour diaper. It features elastics in the leg gussets to help lock in the poo and it is “fitted” to the shape of your baby. You will not have to worry about folding it like you would a prefold or flat. Some fitted’s come with closures and some allow you to use your own.
*Very absorbent, great for nighttime use.
*They feature leg gussets that help to lock in poo.
*No Folding! You are not required to fold them like a flat or prefold.
*Some have built-in soakers or inserts.
*They come in endless styles, colors, materials, ext…
*They require waterproof covers.
*This cost a little more on the higher.
$15 – $35 Each

Pocket Cloth Diaper

Pocket diapers are a little more advanced than the fitted diapers because they have a waterproof cover and feature a pocket where you can stuff an absorbent insert or soaker. They come in snap or velcro closures and many different styles.
*Easiest diaper to spray off!
*You can find good quality affordable pocket diapers.
*Waterproof cover & closures are included.
*Most pockets come with additional inserts.
*You get to choose the absorbency by adding more or less inserts.
*Stuffing! You have to re-stuff the diaper after every wash.
*You have to remove the soiled inserts before washing unless you have the type that agitate out in the wash.  
$7 – $20 Each

All In One Cloth Diaper

The all in one (AIO) cloth diaper is one of the easiest cloth diapers to use. It has everything you will need, all in one happy diaper! The absorbent soakers are already sewn inside and it comes with the waterproof cover. You can purchase them in snaps or velcro and they come in many different styles/fabrics.
*No stuffing or snapping in inserts!
*Easiest cloth diaper to use.
*Waterproof cover, closures, and inserts are included.
*Some AIO’s allow you to add additional inserts for extra absorbency.
*AIO’s tend to be on the bulkier side.
*You cannot separate the cover from the soaker and wash separately.
*This is one of the more expensive diaper types.
*They can take longer to dry since everything is sewn in.
$15 – $25 Each
All In Two Cloth Diaper
All In Two or (AI2) diapers are almost exactly like the all in one except the soakers or inserts are removable. They can snap in and out allowing you to wash the soaker separately or use any type of soaker or insert you choose. These are a more expensive type of cloth diaper but you can find ways to save money when using this system.
*Flexibility, you can use any type of insert you want.
*AI2’s are easy to put together after washing.
*Waterproof cover and closures are included.

*You get the option of using disposables or reusable inserts with this diaper.
*You can wash the covers separately from the soakers. 
*The diaper shell or cover is usually sold separately from the inserts.
*Harder to spray off if you have a runny poo.
*You have to match up the soakers with the covers after washing.
$15 – $25 Each