When we switched to cloth diapers, we went for the most straightforward systems possible. Lots of all-in-ones and all-in-twos, as close to disposable as possible. I had a strong aversion to the idea of folding diapers and using pins. Sometime around 18 months, my daughter started taking her diapers off faster than an actor doing a costume change on stage left, and I needed to find a more secure solution for her nudist tendencies. Reluctantly, I got a bunch of prefolds and decided I’d give it a try. Let me tell you, I’m a changed woman, but it’s all because of the Snappi diaper fastener.

I can sing the praises about the ease and convenience of Snappi’s. These funky little T shaped guys secure prefolds and flats from three sides for maximum security (Sorry, baby, that diaper is staying on). They are made from non-toxic materials (big plus for a mama trying to reduce toxins) and use no latex. They use plastic teeth, like the old school ace bandage pins, to secure safely into the prefold and have little loops on each end by the teeth to cover the teeth when not in use. They are surprisingly stretchy and quite comfortable to use.

Until recently, they came in one size but now they offer a Size Two for your bigger kids and toddlers, and I was fortunate enough to get to test and review the new size for The Rebecca Foundation

Look at the difference between the Size One and the Size Two.

That little bit of extra security is essential when you have a continually moving toddler, and Snappi’s teeth are up to the challenge. Luckily, my 20-month-old hasn’t figured out how to undo Snappi’s, even though every other diaper fastener hasn’t stood a chance.

Snappi’s are easy to use also. I used a bikini twist fold on this prefold, hook the teeth of the Snappi into the fabric on the diaper near the baby’s hip on the left side first. Then gently pull the snappi across to the other hip and carefully hook the teeth into the fabric. Lastly, grab the bottom of the snappi and stretch it down making a Y shape.

The Size Two Snappi stretches further across the diaper and in my opinion, gave a more secure hold than the Size One without feeling like you had to overstretch the Snappi. Afterwards just throw on your favorite cover, and you’re ready to go with a solid no-leak (and no strip tease) diaper solution. I think the prefold and Snappi combo makes for a much trimmer diaper and you have more flexibility to customize the absorbency to be in the right wet zone for your kiddo. Snappis are available in 5 colors and a pack of 3 or 5 and are sold on SnappiBabyUSA.com and Amazon. If you’d like to watch a demonstration on using the Snappi, here’s the official video: https://youtu.be/j8EhhWShCSg

I highly recommend having a set of Snappi’s if you are cloth diapering. They indeed are a game changer!


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