Editor’s note: This month’s blog post comes from Warren, OH Chapter President Ashley Dille.

One of the great things about volunteering for The Rebecca Foundation is that we come across all sorts of styles and brands of diapers donated to the program. A few months ago I received a donation of diapers from a momma whose little one was potty trained. Among her stash were an assortment of diapers from Nora’s Nursery. Always the curious one, I googled the brand to see what else they offered. I contacted Nora’s mom (Nora being the inspiration behind the business) about providing a review in exchange for a sample pack. With a little one still in diapers, I had the opportunity to really put one to the test while adding the others to my chapter inventory to be loaned to area families that have applied to The Rebecca Foundation. Win-win!

Nora’s Nursery is an online shop with custom print pocket cloth diapers that are sold in packs of 4 diapers and 4 inserts for $34.97 or 7 diapers, 7 inserts, and a free wet bag for $59.95. That averages to about $8.60 a diaper. Even better, there’s free shipping for all orders (possibly my favorite thing to read when online shopping!). Still, having to pay a larger amount upfront can be difficult for some families who can only afford a single cloth diaper here or there. Fortunately you can by them as singles at a slightly elevated price on the Nora’s Nursery Amazon page. Either way, the free shipping and free wet bag are definitely great incentives for saving up for a bigger purchase!

I received the gender neutral pack to try out, a cute assortment of gray, black, and white styles. The other packs online are brighter and more colorful with nautical, floral, geometric and other themes available. The diapers are one-size with three rise settings available so they’re able to fit babies between 10 and 35 pounds. Hip and waist snaps help make sure the fit is nice and snug. No velcro option, unfortunately, but I’ve always found snaps hold up longer anyway. Around the legs are single gussets plus a back gusset to help prevent contents from escaping.

Each diaper comes with one bamboo insert. Nora’s Nursery also sells a 10-pack of bamboo inserts for $24.99 if you like to double up. The inserts have two outside layers of bamboo viscose and two inner layers of microfiber. This makes for a nice, slim insert that can stand alone or be paired up with a second insert or flour sack towel without making the diaper too bulky. And of course less bulk makes it easier to find clothes that will fit over the fluff – a definite plus! The lining that goes against baby’s skin is your typical micro-suede fabric that provides that fabulous stay-dry feel.

One thing that drives me nuts about some pocket diapers is when the opening is too narrow to comfortably get your hand in to stuff the insert. Worse yet is when the whole pocket is too narrow to contain inserts other than the ones specifically made for that brand. With Nora’s diapers, the opening to the pocket is wide enough for my hand and the insert to go in without stretching the material. It’s definitely one the few pockets in my stash that I don’t dread stuffing when doing cloth diaper laundry!

Interestingly, some of the diapers are made with the usual PUL (polyurethane laminate) while others are made with TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). Both serve the same purpose (making the outer shell water resistant yet breathable) though most diapers these days seem to use PUL. The difference is in the way that they are manufactured: PUL is laminated using solvents
through a chemical bonding process, while TPU is bonded to polyester using heat bonding (as
opposed to solvents), therefore using less harsh chemicals in the process. You can easily find out which material is used in the product description for each pack.

Fit & Performance
From the pack I received I chose the black one to try out (black goes with everything afterall!). My 18-month-old is your typical active toddler – lots of running and climbing whenever possible. Nora’s diaper stayed in place, though, fitting snug around her waist and chunky thighs without leaving any red marks behind. Since we used just the one insert that came with it, there was no extra bulk to inhibit her movement. It also had the right amount of coverage from just below her bellybutton to the top of her bottom, so no plumber’s crack showing and still plenty of room to grow.

Honestly, I love the performance of this diaper. My daughter is a heavy wetter but we only needed the single bamboo insert that came with it (this was wearing it for two to three hours, which is about how frequently I change her). It’s been through my wash a few times now and has held up nicely. As with any cloth diaper, how quickly they wear out depends on how frequently they’re being used. But I imagine Nora’s diapers will hold up for a while and make it through a number of loan families in The Rebecca Foundation before needing repairs.

This diaper pack from Nora’s Nursery is a great addition to my chapter inventory. If you’re looking to add to your stash, definitely check out what they have to offer. As you’ll see below, the pros outweigh the cons by far:

Great fit
Cute prints and solid colors
Wide pockets for stuffing
Slim bamboo inserts
Hip & waist snaps for a better fit
TPU or PUL options (if that’s important to you)
Free shipping
Great quality for the price
Money back guarantee

Price is higher per diaper if you buy them individually
Not American made

For more of their prints and items for sale, visit norasnursery.com.