Spray Shield

Spray Shield

Spray Shield

Limit 5 per customer. 

Outstretches the diaper and pulls elastic taught for more efficient rinsing.

Check out this video to see the easiest way to use your Diaper Diamond:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8-FaLSY7LIc

The front panel design contains messy overspray while allowing easy access to rinse the diaper.

Keeps your Bathroom clean while you rinse and funnels the mess of a dirty diaper where it belongs: in the toilet!

Easy to store: hang from an adhesive hook behind the toilet tank or in your diaper pail (alongside wet bag).

This patented cloth diaper sprayer shield makes rinsing dirty diapers with your diaper sprayer a breeze. (Patent No. 8,434,173 B1) This patent or its design features have not been licensed to any other product or company.

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