How to Use a Cloth Pad

Place pad with the backer material (most often fleece) down against your underwear.  The topper (pretty side) will be the layer that goes against your skin.  Wrap the wings around your underwear and snap into place.

When it is time to change your pad, merely unsnap the pads, and use your preferred wash routine method.  If you are away from home, you can fold the soiled pad in half, wrap the wings around and snap them into place to secure the pad, and place into a wet bag until you can use your preferred wash routine.

Washing Cloth Pads

Before Use

Wash before first use.  Never use fabric softeners, including dryer sheets.  They can affect the absorbency of the pad. Avoid stripping/sanitizing the pads unless necessary as these processes are harsh and can break the fibers of the pad down

General Washing Instructions

Place soiled pads in a wet bag till washing day. Use the detergent that your family uses for clothes; you do not need specialty detergent to care for cloth pads. Set your machines to the following settings cold wash tumble dry low. You can add 1 tbsp OxiClean per gallon of cold water to help fight stains.


Soil Storage

Store pads in a wet bag.  If you wish, fold pads in half so soiled sides are touching/enclosed.  Wrap wings around the pad and snap them shut to secure.  Prior to washing, soak pads in cold water for at least 8-12 hours.

Stain Removal

Rub a stain remover such as Fels Naptha, Shout, Buncha Farmers, Gel Stick/Zote onto soiled areas/stain on the pad.  Wait for 30 minutes before soaking or washing. Soak in cold water with 1 tbsp of OxiClean per gallon of water overnight. Never use hot water or place pads into the dryer until stains have been removed.  Heat can set the stains in.