Cozi: A Family App Review

Do you have a hard time keeping up with all of the activities, responsibilities and commitments of everyone in your family? Does a traditional daily planner not seem to work well for you? Then, you might find a friend in the Cozi app for Apple and Android.

Cozi is essentially a daily planner app for families. It is available as a free app and (ad-free) premium app (Cozi Gold). What makes Cozi unique is its ability to help you keep track of each family member’s individual calendar, shopping lists and to do lists all in one place and access them from multiple devices. Each member of your family will have the grocery list, chore list, and family calendar at their fingertips. When you set up your Cozi account on the website, you will choose a shared family password and colors to represent each member of your family (We even chose one for the family dog). When downloaded onto each family member’s device, each person will then have the ability to add new events and lists, and the reminders option and weekly agenda emails will ensure that everyone is one the same page.



What we like…

What my family likes the most about the Cozi App is the ability to see all of our appointments in one place. Before using Cozi, we would often commit to multiple events at the same time. Now that we have a shared calendar that we carry around with us at all times, there is less confusion in our household, and we feel much more organized.

The other thing that my family finds extremely helpful is having our shopping lists, to-do lists and calendar all in one app. Instead of having 2 or 3 separate apps, we use Cozi for everything and find it much simpler to stay organized. With the shopping list on Cozi, I no longer need to text my husband what to get from the grocery store or send a paper list and risk it getting lost or left behind. He has access to our shopping list at all times, and I can even update it while he is at the store for those additional last minute items. Also, the to-do list feature allows me to keep track of regular household chores and make a “Honey Do List” that goes straight to my husband’s phone (Sorry, honey! No more excuses!!).

We also like that Cozi has a simple and clean layout that makes it easy to navigate. This app is very straight forward and there is not much of a learning curve. With Cozi Gold, we can even use the “themes” feature to give our app a style that fits our personality.

There are features of Cozi that look really neat, but that I have not yet used. These features include the meal planning feature on the website and the recipe box on the app, as well as the family journal feature. Eventually, I hope to make use of the meal planning feature as well as the journal feature in order to continue to lead my family down the path of organization.

What we don’t like…

My family purchased the premium version, Cozi Gold, about 6 months ago mainly because my husband’s huge fingers kept inadvertently clicking those pesky ads. The fact that the free version of the Android app no longer allowed access the calendar’s month view was another thing that prompted us to make the switch to Cozi Gold. It was important to us to be able to view our appointments on both the monthly calendar and the weekly agenda. However, I have found the month view to be the most difficult part of the app to use. I personally do not care for the monthly calendar layout and wish that it looked and worked more like the monthly calendar that comes standard on my android phone. My husband, who prefers the monthly view, agrees that it is a bit problematic. His main problem with the monthly layout is that it is not a true calendar month view, instead the screen view starts on the current week rather than the first day of the month. We both find this annoying, when all we want to do is see the current month with all of its activities both past and present. The month view is also a little on the slow side when you are trying to scroll to see previous and future appointments.


The differences between Cozi Free and Cozi Gold

Cozi Gold offers a few additional features to the basic free version of the app. There is a recipe box, contacts list and a special birthday tracker available on the premium mobile app, in addition to access to the monthly calendar view and additional reminders and notifications. As, I mentioned before, Cozi Gold is also ad-free and offers the option to customize your app with a selection of themes. If any of these features interest you, as they did us, then you might want to consider shelling out the $29.99 a year for a subscription to Cozi Gold. You can get a free trail for 14 days to check it out and make sure that it is worth it for your family.

The bottom line…

Cozi Free and Cozi Gold both offer a plethora of features to keep your family organized. Using Cozi has been very beneficial for my family in the 3 years that we have used it, and we have not even tapped in to all that Cozi has to offer. Cozi can make your life a lot easier if you allow it to. All you have to do is take the time to record your family’s information into the app and you are well on your way to an organized household. I give Cozi and Cozi Gold a 4.5 out of 5 stars, and I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants to get organized and manage their household better in this new year.