Project: Pink Lotus is a program to empower and give dignity to women (and men) by providing them with a set of reusable menstrual & bladder control items. This program will help lift the costly burden for many low income individuals, who may have to resort to undignified solutions.

Our program will provide new cloth pads and cups to any individual who is currently on a government assistance program. Each package will contain a variety of styles, types and prints, no two packages will be alike. These packages once received will not need to be returned, as this is not a loan program, but a program designed to help bridge the gap, reduce cost and provide dignity to all.


First cycle kits with smaller size includes 2 light pads, 2 medium pads , 1 heavy pads and 1 overnight pads.
Regular kit includes 2 light pads, 2 medium pads, 1 heavy pad & 1 overnight pad.
Postpartum kit includes 4 heavy pads & 3 overnight/postpartum pads, and a set of 4 nursing pads.
Gender neutral/bladder control kit includes 2 light pads, 2 medium pads, and 2 heavy pads.
Menstrual cups come in 2 sizes, small(size 1) and large (size 2). Virgins and young women can use menstrual cups safely in the smallest size.

Kit pricing: $10 for initial pad kit, to cover processing and shipping costs, $5 for add'l applicant kits, and $5 per cup to cover acutal cost and shipping
Have questions or issues email      Kits are subject to change this includes style, manufacture and quantity due to donation limitations.