Open a Chapter

in your community

If you have a passion for using cloth diapers and find yourself telling everyone one you know or even those you don’t know about them, then opening a chapter of The Rebecca Foundation is just for you. You will be able to help educate those that may be curious or have doubts because of the 100’s of myths and bad experiences others may have had. You can feel good about giving back to your community and helping those families in need with diapering their children. Opening a chapter of The Rebecca Foundation is an easy way to Pay-it-forward with a National Organization right there to back you and support you in every way.

Opening a chapter of The Rebecca Foundation can have a major impact on your community. For families that have to choose between necessities and putting diapers on their young children, this can open up a lot of opportunities for them. It can also bring the mothers and families closer together in a true community spirit with classes and groups that will help support one another in more ways than one. The more families that use cloth diapers the less amount of disposable diapers will end up in your community’s landfills. That alone will have a greener impact on the community for years and years to come.

To get started please complete the form below to receive more information about the Foundation and schedule of our weekly initial interview conference calls. This will be an interactive session where you will learn more about opening a chapter in your area and ask your questions.